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Why Black Truffles?

Posted by Andrew Smith on 04-Dec-2017 05:31:36


Fine food lovers can't stay away from delectable collectibles. Investing is the logical next step. 

The Black Truffle Company focuses on the world's most sought-after and expensive variety of truffle, the Perigord Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum), reverently referred to as the "black diamond".

This black truffle is a fungus that is grown on the root of certain trees, native to Spain, and valued for it's deep aroma and distinct flavor. Used in a multitude of foods, such as meats, fish, soups, and risottos, Perigord Black Truffles are valued by foodies worldwide (including those up and coming millennials), and prized by well -know chefs,such as brand ambassador and 5 out of 5 AA Rosette and Michelin Award Celebrity Chef Jean Christophe Novelli.   

Brand Ambassador Chef Novelli for the Black Truffle Company.png

Consumers around the world do not hesitate to pay a premium for these high-quality truffles, a delicacy that has been prized since Roman times. Foodies are well aware of the global implications of food production and consumption, a topic that millennials in particular value. 

This young generation has and continues to outpace those before them both in food experimentation and their passion to ensure that food is accessible and sustainable. The Black Truffle Company's research and development team 
has created a green solution to satisfy both of these, combining truffle-friendly trees and truffle plots in ideal locations in Spain. 

This forward-thinking truffle farming technique comes at a time when climate change has started to negatively affect existing traditionally prominent truffle areas in other areas of the world such as France. 

Alternative-Investment-in-UK.jpg Demand has not gone down, but overall worldwide production has. The farmed nature of the truffles produced by the Black Truffle Company ensures their quality as opposed to the variability in the quality of wild truffles. 

These factors together ensure the viability of investing in the Black Truffle Company far into the future.

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Money Does Really Grow On Trees

If you are interested in sustainable alternative investments that can help the environment (and local community) and you want to see real returns on your money, Tuber Melanosporum, Black Truffle farming investments deliver on both counts.

Benefits of Investing:

  • Average 15% Returns
  • Hands Off Investment
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Tax-Free in the EU 

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