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Posted by Andrew Smith on 05-Jan-2018 02:00:00

Crypto vs. Truffles, Quick Buck vs. Long-term, Volatility vs. Stability. The bottom line is. Let´s make money!

The Cryptocurrency boom is upon us. The savvy investors were in there months ago telling us we should all be doing the same. When finally we did. Boy did it boom. A bit like the property market some of us were too late, buying at the peak, a mixture of lack of belief and courage. Or is it too late? Does it have more legs? They say when the milkman starts to invest, we are too late? Is this another broken rule?


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Bitcoin has been a roller coaster in recent weeks, while currencies like Ripple have made healthy gains. Will bitcoin continue to make a comeback, or do we start to switch between currencies looking for that quick, easy buck? 

So it's casino time! And some of us are winning. When do we stop? Let not get greedy. You will kick yourself that you didn’t walk away when you were up.

Savvy Investors always diversify.

Black truffle investments are part of a diversified investment portfolio, with substantial returns. You invest, then, sleep at night. The investment slowly matures over 15 years, a nice nest egg. Land secures the investment. The demand for truffles is increasing; prices have been steadily rising over the last four years. And the trend is set to continue as we cannot keep up with demand. The investment is organic; you are investing in the environment. Black Truffles are a safe, secure investment that will only mature; you will get your money back with healthy returns over its lifetime. And, you will sleep at night.

Learn more about Black Truffle Investing.
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Money Does Really Grow On Trees

If you are interested in sustainable alternative investments that can help the environment (and local community) and you want to see real returns on your money, Tuber Melanosporum, Black Truffle farming investments deliver on both counts.

Benefits of Investing:

  • Average 15% Returns
  • Hands Off Investment
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Tax-Free in the EU 

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