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BTC Supports Home-Start UK Families With Every Truffle Investment

Posted by Andrew Smith on 30-Nov-2017 19:47:33

The Black Truffle Company is excited to announce that we will be supporting Home-Start UK. With every eco-friendly truffle investment, we will donate 25 GBP to Home-Start!


Home-Start is the leading UK provider of volunteer-based family support. Their team has made a lifetime of difference to thousands of the UK's most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Why Home-Start UK Exists?

  • To relieve distress and suffering for families and children facing tragedy or crisis.
  • To ensure all parents have the support they need to provide a happy, safe childhood for their children
  • To ensure all children have the best start in life

How does Home-Start UK Change Lives?

  • They provide a range of home and community-based services for families tailored to their individual needs and circumstances
  • They work at the heart of the family, in the family home, but always for the benefit of the child - their feelings, their needs, their future
  • They help children and their families cope with wide-ranging and complex needs including poverty, homelessness, debt, domestic violence, stress, family breakdown, and neglect
  • They reach approximately 30,000 families and over 60,000 children in the UK every year

Why is BTC Using Eco-Friendly Truffle Investments to Support Home-Start UK?

The Black Truffle Company believes that every family deserves to be happy and children need the most help. Home-Start is a fantastic partner for helping families in need through the tough times. With every eco-friendly truffle plot investment, we are ecstatic to donate 25 GBP.

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